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The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada
Santa Shuffle 2019 - Chilliwack - Individual - 5K and Elf Walk
Saturday December 7, 2019

Please help us make this year's Santa Shuffle 2019 - Chilliwack in support of The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada one of the best ever

*CARA'S PERSONAL MESSAGE*: I'm wondering if you’d like to sponsor me as I do a 5 km run called the Santa Shuffle this Saturday at the Vedder River. It’s a run that raises funds for the Salvation Army’s work in Chilliwack.

Last year I signed up last minute (the day of) and had a blast. I picked a person to try and keep up with and it was a 9 (?) year old boy. I managed to ‘chase’ him the whole race and he came in first and myself second. Fun! 

I love running and realized a few years ago that my knees were not happy with trying to run long distances, so, I decided, if I ran (10 km has been my maximum race) in a race, I’d just try to get a better time than last time.

Winter allows me more free time to run and work out (my hobbies). I don’t get to sign up for many other races with our farming schedule, so am rather excited about this little run. :)

For the Santa Shuffle this year, I wanted to offer the opportunity to you to join me through sponsorship to make the event more meaningful to me personally. And if you want to join me in person, please let me know!

I was thinking about hunger this summer a bit. Sometimes I’m out doing a market or errands and either forget to eat (at a busy market) at a mealtime or am stuck somewhere without food (for example on errands, when I don’t want to buy food). At some point that hollow really empty stomach feeling hits. I find that the feeling makes me feel vulnerable and weak in spirit as well as all the physical sensations that I experience. 

Throughout my life, I have always been able to remedy this situation fairly quickly. I can open up my lunch kit and eat or I just wait till I get home and then eat (less than an hour usually). I was thinking about this a few months ago in relation to people we see going about their day on the side of the road - people waiting for the bus, landscapers, people walking on lunch break. When did they eat last? How are they feeling? Each meal can be so refreshing, like a new start, it’s fuel for the rest of the day - what is possible with this energy?

I thought about hospitality too, and how when our family would drop in on some new immigrants a few years ago, they would ask if we needed something to eat. I felt they were ‘going all out’ by providing food with every visit, but really, they were trying to take care of a basic need each person has. It challenged me to try and be more hospitable if someone stops by - really, what’s the big deal about offering someone to eat, whatever you have. I want to be more honest too…if I’m asked if I need to eat, to say yes and be thankful.

The Salvation Army in Chilliwack seeks to take care of people’s basic needs through their meal programs, emergency shelter and Fireside Counselling & Addiction services. I heard a quote the other day that ended something like this, ‘hope starts with a full stomach.’ 

When you don’t have the distraction of the growling stomach, you can think and listen more clearly and possibly imagine a different path. 

Please consider joining me, through donating, to help someone with the basics of life.

Love Cara

p.s. pictures of me and the kid I chased at last year’s run can be found at these links:

For more information visit the Santa Shuffle 2019 - Chilliwack website.

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Personal Goal: $500 Raised: $575


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The following people donated online:

Name Amount Comment
Darrell Abrahams $200Bless you!
Steve Klassen $100Love you Cara - this is a great cause. Have a good run
Ben & Jacqueline $50Great write up Cara and great cause! 😁
Kim Ferguson $100
Anonymous $50
Cara Abrahams $25Great job Cara.

The following people donated offline:

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Lando Klassen $50

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