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The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada
Santa Shuffle 2019 - Halifax - Group of 10 - 5K and Elf Walk
samedi Décembre 7, 2019

S'il vous plaît, veuillez nous aider à faire de la campagne annuelle de Santa Shuffle 2019 - Halifax, en appui à The Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada, une des meilleures jamais réalisées.

Picture this " It's September and you and your husband of 15 years have just seperated and you are now a single mom of 2 young children.  You and your children are living in the family home and the only sources of income that you have is the child support from your spouse and the child tax credit.  Your mortgage is due to come out of your joint accont in 2 weeks and you also have to pay your power bill, water bill, cable/internet/phone bill, you need to buy groceries, both your children need $10 each for field trips coming up plus $15 each for lunch while on the field trip and Christmas is just around the corner.  The child support you recieve from your spouse is just enough to cover the mortgage but what about the other bills??  You are now left with a delema...Do you pay the mortgage so you can keep a roof over your families head or do you pay the other bills and hope that there is enough money left over so your children can go on their class field trips and to buy some groceries so your children and the family pet don't starve."  If you have never been in that situation you are Blessed.  That mother I just told you about was once me.  The mortgage did not get paid that month, I paid a minimal amount on all the bills so that they would not be cut off, and I bought a few groceries. I borrowed money from my parents so that my children could go on their field trips with their class mates and not feel left out and Christmas was 20 days away.  For the first time in my life I had to register at the local food bank,  I I felt defeated, worthless, useless, and all alone.   This senerio and others are happening right now in our own backyards.  Or maybe you have a family member who has just lost their job.  I ask you to please support my cause because noone should have to go without or feel leftout.                           






Pour obtenir plus de renseignements, veuillez visiter le Santa Shuffle 2019 - Halifax site web.

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Brian and Patti Jollymore 25 $
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Bill & Rona Bowers 100 $
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Brooke Clarke 10 $
Lavinia Hobbs 10 $
Donna Bates 20 $
Shirley Brooking 25 $
William Tait 20 $
Donna Tibbo 10 $
Kirtley Beaver 30 $
Ria Digout 20 $
Shawn MacSween 20 $
Bernie & Anne Borden 5 $
Clyde & Jane Sheaves, 5 $
Beulah & Kendra Thompson 5 $

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