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Joanne Schiewe In Memoriam - Fundraising Home Page

Canadian Cancer Society
Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2021 - WPS Half Marathon
Sunday May 2, 2021

Please help us make this year's Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2021 in support of Canadian Cancer Society one of the best ever

While this year’s event looks much different due to the ongoing pandemic, a few things haven’t changed:

people we love continue to be diagnosed with life-threatening cancers every single day.   more money is required to support much needed cancer research and treatment options. Brain Canada continues to match all dollars raised through the WPS half-marathon.



"My legacy will be funding research that allows others to live extraordinary lives"


Joanne Schiewe was a runner, a triathlete and just plain awesome.

She loved to push herself, to see what was possible and usually had a huge smile on her face as she did. That smile was infectious.

Joanne was diagnosed with glioblastoma on February 3rd, 2015, an incredibly aggressive form of brain cancer; the same diagnosis Gord Downie would receive almost a year after.  Fewer than 5% of glioblastoma patients survive five years – one of the lowest survival rates for any cancer.  In the year following that diagnosis, Jo’s treatment would include invasive surgeries, a lifetime dose of radiation and countless rounds of chemotherapy.

But she also ran the Winnipeg Police Half Marathon that year, set PB's at local triathlons and just kept being amazing.

Her connection with the WPS event that year was a turning point.  At the same time as Jo's friends and community stepped up to support her and helped her to prepare for the race, Jo found another way to fight cancer.  Even if there wasn't much she could do to change her odds, she found ways to improve the odds for others.

Joanne passed away in the summer of 2016, just over 18 months after her diagnosis.  Since then, her partner, family and friends have participated in the WPS event in her honour and continued raising funds in her name.

Jo's story, in her own words can be viewed here -

To date, over $150,000 has been raised in Jo’s name.  This year, we're doing more...


EVERY DOLLAR you donate this week will be DOUBLED by Joanne's support team.  Once those funds are handed over to Canadian Cancer Society, they'll be DOUBLED AGAIN through funding agreements with Brain Canada.

If you give us a dollar, that puts $4 toward the fight. If you give us $25, the fight against cancer gets $100.

Please give what you can.

Thank you.


NOTE - Thank you to Running Room for supporting Jo's fundraising efforts, ensuring every cent raised in her name goes directly to Canadian Cancer Society.

For more information visit the Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2021 website.

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My funds raised so far

Personal Goal: $10,000 Raised: $12,345


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The following people donated online:

Name Amount Comment
Jared Spier $1,000You changed all the lead to gold
Meredith Daun $100
Don and Donna Rose $25
Joanne Schiewe $100
Eveline Schiewe $1,000Miss and think of you everyday. Luv you!
Anonymous $1,000
Fern Berard $100For Jo
VanHeyst Family $25
Maureen Spier $200
Grant Quinn and Marla Waters $250
Angela Bahnman Matt Amihude $50
Richard Ames & Joanne Mitchell $25
Lucile Griffiths $50
Steve,Sharon,Ricky,Anthony & KTD $25
Anonymous $25
Lorraine Walton $25
Tony Hoess $50
Anonymous $50
Kent and Cindy Brown $50
Marjorie Dawson in memory of Sandra Haviar $50
Clarke Single $100
Lise Reaves $50My cousin, My hero. Love you and miss you always Jo. ??
G and N Abernethy $50
Grant Howse $25
Justin Rempel $50
Frank Matheson $100
Tracy Waugh-Smith $25
Anonymous $25
Waltra Lewis $25
Arlene Hamblin $200
Shane and Margaret Johnston $50
Anonymous $25
Barb & Bernard St Amant $50
Michael Bennett $100For Jo.
Marc & Alice Labossiere $100
The MacIntosh Family $100
A Wilson $100
Jim Penner $200
Lori Speiss and Family $100
Lorraine Ferrar $100
Susan Chartier $100Go team Jo!
S Lord $50
Esther Adamson $50
Rachelle Foster $50
Heather Wade $25
Lisa Witt $100
John Douglas $100Think of your courage often. You inspire me!
Nick and Leslie Paulet $100
Kirsten Parker $25
Karrie Smyth $50What a profound impact you continue to have! Thank you.
Pat Button $100
Steve Wetton $50
Jenn Spier $100
Cherrie and Marc Fournier $100
Alexis Mooney $25
Claude Labossiere $50
Carla MacMillan $25
John Gray $100
Bruce Gregory $250
Rick Donald $50An Inspiration.
Anonymous $100
Sandi Goertzen $100
Anonymous $25
Paul and Eleanore Rogalsky $150
Anonymous $250
Darlene Karlstedt $25
Christine $50
You continue to be an inspiration! Ayn and family $1,000
Eveline Schiewe $2,000
Michael Boszko $100Never give up.
Anonymous $50
Annika niblock $20
Jared Spier $1,145Thank you for helping us continue Jo's legacy
Sawyer & Sadie Jamieson $55Olive Juice

The following people donated offline:

Name Amount Comment

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