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Jim Parks - Fundraising Home Page

Juno Beach Centre Association
Virtual Remembrance Day / Juno Beach event - StrongPoint 1500m
Thursday December 31, 2020

Please help us make this year's Virtual Remembrance Day / Juno Beach event in support of Juno Beach Centre Association one of the best ever

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My name is Jim Parks and I am a Second World War veteran who just turned 96 in September. On June 6th 1944, as a 19-year-old, I landed on Juno Beach with the Royal Winnipeg Rifles to begin the liberation of France from Nazi Germany. I came ashore very close to where the Juno Beach Centre, Canada's Second World War museum and cultural centre in Normandy, France, stands today.

The Centre is near and dear to me. It honours the over 45,000 Canadians who died fighting the Second World War. I have been an active runner my whole life and am pleased to be walking the Strongpoint 1500m in support of the Juno Beach Centre. 

I am walking in memory of the over 5,000 Canadians who laid down their lives in Normandy. Today they rest in cemeteries like Bény-sur-Mer and Bretteville-sur-Laize. 

My initial goal is to raise one dollar for each of them. The funds raised will help the JBC overcome the losses associated with the prolonged closure of the museum in order to fight COVID-19. Join me to ensure that my comrades are always remembered at Juno Beach!

Update: it has been less than a week and dozens of generous supporters have helped me reach my initial goal of one dollar raised for every Canadian killed in Normandy. I have updated my goal to $18,700. This is the number of Canadian soldiers killed, wounded, or captured in Normandy. 


Je suis Jim Parks et je suis un vétéran de la Seconde Guerre mondiale et j’ai célébrer mes 96 ans en septembre dernier. Le 6 juin 1944, à l'âge de 19 ans, j'ai pris part au Débarquement à Juno Beach au sein de mon régiment, les Royal Winnipeg Rifles afin de commencer la libération de la France de l'Allemagne nazie. J’ai foulé la terre de Normandie tout près de l'endroit où se trouve aujourd'hui le Centre Juno Beach, le musée canadien de la Seconde Guerre mondiale et centre culturel canadien en Normandie.

Le Centre me tient beaucoup à cœur. Il rend hommage aux plus de 45 000 Canadiens qui sont morts au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. J'ai été un coureur actif toute ma vie et je suis heureux de marcher sur les 1500 mètres « Strongpoint » en soutien au Centre Juno Beach.

Je marche à la mémoire des plus de 5 000 Canadiens qui ont sacrifié leur vie en Normandie. Aujourd'hui, ils reposent dans des cimetières comme Bény-sur-Mer et Bretteville-sur-Laize.

Mon objectif initial est d'amasser un dollar pour chacun d'eux. Les fonds collectés aideront le JBC à surmonter les pertes liées à la fermeture prolongée du musée afin de lutter contre le COVID-19. Rejoignez-moi pour vous assurer que mes camarades ne seront jamais oubliés à Juno Beach!

Mise à jour: cela fait moins d'une semaine et des dizaines de généreux supporteurs m'ont aidé à atteindre mon objectif initial d'un dollar amassé pour chaque Canadien tué en Normandie. J'ai mis à jour mon objectif à 18 700 $. Il s'agit du nombre de soldats canadiens tués, blessés ou capturés en Normandie.


For more information visit the Virtual Remembrance Day / Juno Beach event website.

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My funds raised so far

Personal Goal: $18,700 Raised: $20,095


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The following people donated online:

Name Amount Comment
Bernie Brunino $50Good luck Jim!!
Katie, Andrew Parks $50Go Grandpa
Scott Clayton $100Proud to call you friend !
Terry Geddes $500As a proud Legion member and the son of a vet Jim I am honoured to donate to this very worthy cause. It is imperative to me that we never forget the efforts of you and men like my dad.
Gary McDonald $50Proud to support you Jim!
Harold Rowe $50Great work. Thank you much. This is in my father's name.
Bill Penny $20In memory of my father in law who landed on the beaches of Normandy on his birthday which was D Day plus 1
Sarah Tarbuck $25
Angela Armstrong $100Mr. Parks, you are a hero and inspiration. Thank you for your service, sacrifices and ongoing efforts to serve. I hope you reach your goal! All the best. Angela
David Bunston $200You are an inspiration my friend
Sandra Frost $100Thank you for your service and your sacrifices for our freedom. I watched your interview on the news and knew that I had to help. You are a very inspiring man. Thank you Mr. Parks
Brig Gen (Retd) Ernest Beno $100What a great soldier you are, Jim. I have walked that beach with Lockie Fulton of the Little Black Devils. What a man! What a Regiment! Good Shooting, Jim.
Anonymous $100
Judah Davidson $100
Anonymous $100
Will O'Hara $100Go Jim, former marathon runner!
Paul J Gettas $25Thank you for your service Mr Parks. My grandfather was in Normandy and participated in the liberation of Holland during WWII. Lest we forget ❤️
Martha Walkinshaw Thouless $25Thank you for your service Mr. Parks and for all you are doing for Juno Beach Center!
Anonymous $50An excellent cause! Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.
My great uncles Paul Ross and James Wedderburn who served in France. $50Good luck on a great cause. I have nothing but respect for the Juno Beach Centre as one of the lucky educators that received the privilege of attending their summer PD.
Lorraine Garneau $25Go Jim Go!! My Grandfather, Father and Son-in-Law--all Military Veterans have Bricks at Juno Beach
Mick and Cathy Perehudoff $50Thanks for your serbice
Mary McLaughlin $100God Bless you for your efforts now, and so many years ago. This is a great cause and I hope you well surpass your goal!
Anonymous $100
Stefan van Doorn $50Many thanks from the Netherlands!
Wendy Anes Hirschegger $100I am donating on behalf of my parents, Margaret and the late Robert Anes, who grew up in the Netherlands which was liberated from the Nazis by Canadian Armed Forces. Dad served in the military in the Netherlands prior to immigrating to Canada with Mom in
Martin Rice $25I recall with much fondness our visit to the Centre in 2017 and am pleased to support Mr. Parks.
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $100
Franey Family $50Good luck in your endeavour
32 Military Police RCACC $100
Gerry and Janice Levesque $50In memory of my father and uncle who were both veterans. Thank you Jim for continuing to serve!
Lloyd and Shirley Dow $50
Brian Budden - QORA (Toronto Branch) President $25A great Veteran and friend too.
Andrea MacFarlane-Grieve $25Thank you so much for doing this!
Carlo Cosolo $50Once in the Queen's Own.........
Anonymous $70
David Struthers $200I'm certain that those that sacrificed their lives are watching.
Anonymous $50
Ann Ward $25Sir, Thank you for your service and doing this.
Megan McLeish $25The maple leaf forever. Thank you for your service.
robert russell $25you are a true hero
Anonymous $50
Clint Lovell $50Enjoyed meeting you at The Cenotaph Project in Barrie Jim. Once again Go get 'em.
Don Bicknell $100Thanks for everything Jim....Without the efforts and sacrifices made by you and your comrades We would not be enjoying the freedoms that we all have today...
Heather Snyder $20I hope you reach your goal. Thank you for doing this!
Peter Mason $25Good luck Jim, and thank you for your service
Linda Cadieux Daley $50My Dad landed at Juno Beach on D Day. Sadly he passed away last year. So thankful for all the young men and women. GO Jim!
Diane Miller $50Thank you for your service. I will never forget.
Peter Vanderploeg $50Wonderful cause Jim, great memories of my visit to JBC
The Royal Winnipeg Rifles Foundation $200Jim - many thanks from the Board of Trustees of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles Foundation for this tremendous accomplishment. Well done indeed. We are all very proud and pleased to make a small contribution toward your goal. All the best
Orv Francescone $25Keep up he good work
Dick Coates/Rod Klein $500
Larry Day $100Congradulations Jim. Glad to see you still out and going.
Kenneth Cecil Whitehead $25My father was supposed to be in the D-Day landing, but got Tonsillitis & came in with the mop-up crew 2 weeks later. He died 2 years ago, at age 93, so I dedicate my donation to him.
Vic Davis $50Jim: I wish to support your effort for the Juno Beach Centre, which I visited in 2010. I am a member of the Men's Probus Club of Newmarket.
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $25
Candace Covell Herbert, Larry Herbert $140In memory of our fathers both veterans WW2
Lagacé Family $100We visited Juno Beach last May for the 75th anniversary; no words can explain the emotions felt. Thank you Mr. Parks for your sacrifice, it's an honor to support you for this run. Cheering you on from Quebec, Canada.
Bob Stewart $50Met you at Persecini’s Gym in Newmarket many years ago. Good to see you’re still “givin er”
Leslie, Jason, Laine & Jonah $100Hear are cheers! Go Uncle Jim!
Honorary Colonel Bob Williams Fort Garry Horse $500I was born in December of 1945. Guess what my Dad did when he got home?
tom higginbotham $50
Ross Tudor $100Thank You Sir
Meriel Beament Bradford $1,000Remembering my dad, Ted Beament, RCA and all who served in WWII
Anonymous $25
Evan Parks and Sherry Zahedi $250Have a great run Jim ! Thank you to the Juno Beach for honouring our Canadians soldiers, thank you Jim much love from the rest of the family !
Vicki Skryha $100Thank you for doing this. My great uncle Walter Klos, a Royal Winnipeg Rifle, gave his life at Juno Beach on D-Day. I wonder if you knew him. It is important to keep this history alive and support places like Juno Beach Center.
Sgt Roy Hutchinson Moon, 12th Field regiment $100Thank you for keeping our history alive and in the present. My grandfather landed on the beach at Normandy on D-Day also
Ted And Theo Parks $100So proud of you Uncle Jim for serving and continuing to serve your country fundraising for The Juno Beach Centre which keeps alive the memory of so many lives lost in the defense of freedom!
Anonymous $50
Andy Enotera $100
joseph rosenthal and Diane (of memory) $100we salute you and your effort, bless you
Jeff Parton $25Atta go Jim
Lee & Doug MacNeil $25Good luck Mr. Parks! The Juno Beach Centre is a great cause & a must see place to visit when in Normandy, France!
Johanne Coulombe $100Thank you for doing this
Pantaleo Family $100Mr Parks, we are forever grateful for you and your colleagues.
Paul Wildridge $100Fantastic Jim. You make us all proud.
Sean Steuart $100
Theo Holwerda $20Keep up the good work Jim Parks
Anonymous $50
Frank Reimann $25Keep on running, Sir!
Emily Otterman & Bill Cummings $100Go Jim!!!
John & Kim Fotheringham $100Go Jim! In memory of my Dad's cousin, F/O RJW Askwith, RCAF, KIA 28 April 1942
Anonymous $20
Ed & Joan Burnett $25Jim Parks, thank you for your service
George Prime $50My Dad was a vet and served in Holland and Germany with the GGFG.
My grandfathers, who served in the RCAF in WW II $250
Alex & Rosanne Thomson $50
Patty Low $100You sir, are an inspiration! Thank you.
Anonymous $50
Stephen & Lorraine Sheather $100Good Luck!
Fairty Family $500in honour of Grumpa
Anonymous $100
Shawna Trudel $50Thank you for your continued service, so happy to be able to support you and the JBC
Trinity United Church AOTS Men’s Club $200In honor of our dear friend Jim Parks, decorated WW II Veteran
Donna Oldfield $25For all that you do and all that you are!
Vanessa Zappi $100
Discover Montessori School $25Thank you for all you have done for Canada!
Leah Judd $100Thank you Jim and the Juno Beach centre for honouring Canadians and their efforts in WWII
Arthur and Norman Buchanan $25Thank you for your service Jim
Anonymous $100
Larry D'Orsay $50Thank You for walking for all of us.
Eldon and Joan Montgomery $25
Tanja Puhlmann $50Thinking of all today who have sacrificed for our freedoms and country
David Smith $100I am humbled by the sacrifices our Canadian soldiers made.
Anonymous $25
Melissa Sullivan and her Grade 6 Class $50Thank you Jim for inspiring and educating another generation of Canadians.
David Pease $1,000In memory of Ted Pease, June 6, 1944 and the members of B Squadron, First Hussars.
Anonymous $100
The Battlefield Tours $100Way to go Jim! Everyone at The Battlefield Tours is rooting for you to make your goal! Right on!!
Rob Lawrence $50I followed the exact path of your regiment from landing to engagement with the 12th SS and was deeply moved by the experience. The Juno Centre was stunning. My father flew a Lacaster over Caen. Thank you for your service Jim.
Daryl Logan $25What a wonderful effort
Ian and Carol $20Thank you for your service.
Pamela Taylor $50Proud to support you Jim and thank-you to you and all the men who served.
Dan Choate $50Thank you Jim!
Jennifer Backus, Maya and Anders Eriksson $25Thank you Jim Parks! We will never forget the Hero's and their sacrifice. From our family to yours.
Don Orth $50A gret cause...thanks to everyone who is participating!!
Ruth Pearson $25Bravo to Samantha Cowan of TheBattlefieldTours for running on behalf of Jim Parks!
Mark Warner $50😀
Lynda Falcone $25Thank you for your service Mr Parks.
Glenn Edmonds $25Fantastic cause. Thank you Jim for your service and Samantha for your awareness and 21k run!
Earl McLaren $50Thank you to Samantha Cowan for running the 21K and making us aware!
Glen Moore $50I wish you the best of luck and well done Sir
Ray S. from Mount Albert $300Thank you Jim from your service
Doug Ross $25Well done for an excellent cause!
Hoernke Family $50
Abbey Lane PS, Oakville, On $100Your talk and your willingness to set the example when it comes to being mentally and physically fit inspired our classroom Movember fundraiser and we wanted to support you in your goal. Thank you.
Chris Vuyk $25My father in law served with Royal Winnipeg Riffles in Netherlands
Brian Walsh, for Sean (John) Walsh $4,500Jim, my Dad John Walsh joined you and 3 other d-day vets at Juno in 2013 to commemorate the landing. You are an amazing man. Dad has since passed but would have been so pleased to support this initiative.
Anonymous $10
norma hillyard $50Thank you
Anonymous $500
Sharon Weeks $25
Polly and Lawrence Corso $50Thank you Jim! God bless you!
In memory of my Dad, Sgt. James Neil Cathrea 8th Reconnaissance Regiment WWII $500Deep Respect
Anonymous $50

The following people donated offline:

Name Amount Comment
Peter Dawe $150
Access Abilities We saw an interview on CP24 featuring Jim Parks, $1,000
Warren J Beacham $50
Roy and Sharon Hamilton $50
Judith Mooney $100
Ian Thompson $50
Vicki Hoskin $100
Rev. Ross Carson $75
Janet Parkes $50
Janet Parks $50

The donation period has ended for this fundraiser.

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