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Canadian Cancer Society
Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2019 - WPS 5K Run
Sunday May 5, 2019

Please help us make this year's Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2019 in support of Canadian Cancer Society one of the best ever

At the young age of twenty my life changed forever. My body was lifeless and bleeding out on the cold, wet concrete. Struggling to breathe and move, my life looked bleak with no hope of making it out alive. My first realizations came to me while I was inside the intensive care unit after a 12-hour long spinal cord surgery; I couldn’t move anything from the neck down. Not being able to breathe on my own or move on my own was so hard to make sense of. My body didn’t listen to what my mind was asking it to do what it so simply had before. The doctors didn’t give my family or myself any sense of hope when they told us that I’ve been given around a 1%chance to ever walk again and sustained a total of 28 injuries. They haven’t seen a spinal cord injury this bad in all their years. I had broken multiple ribs, punctured lungs, lost 5 litres of blood, broken my scapula, and accumulated 14separate injuries along my spinal cord all while losing control of my bowel, bladder, and sexual function. After spending six full months in the hospital I lost a whopping 70 pounds. I wasn’t the 240-pound sport-addicted bodybuilder I once was… I was now a scared, suicidal, vulnerable, stick thin quadriplegic with no direction in life.


Throughout my days in Health Sciences Centre my mom and dad visited every single day. My support system was second to none with three of the best brothers I could ever ask for. My group of friends visited often. But the one person I knew I could always count on was my mother, Irene. Being her youngest of four boys my mom and I were always extremely close. I was blessed to share the same birthday as her on February 12th. It would’ve broken my heart knowing she’d have to spend the rest of her birthdays without her little man to share it with. The first year after my accident my mom and I had many talks where she had helped me get through those nasty dark thoughts that crept up on me so often. For the next two years she would happily take me to ALL of my appointments (I had a lot of appointments). She made all of my meals, bathed me, helped me get dressed, changed the dressings on my wounds, and made sure I was as taken care of as possible. No mom should have to mother four boys, and then take care of her baby boy once again twenty years later. I will never be able to repay her.


A few years after my injury in I went in to have surgery done on my right leg. I had a soleus lengthening, cuneiform osteotomy, and a post-tibialis tendon transfer done. The recovery time was 12-18 months and guess who was there every step of the way? My mom. But it never seemed to end. 


On August 24th, 2017 my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. The doctors couldn’t pinpoint the exact type of cancer and it was best to start treatment immediately after a plan was made. This immediately became the toughest thing that anyone in our family has ever gone through. The cancer was increasing so rapidly they gave her treatments they’d usually only use on teenagers. Chemo treatment after chemo treatment, lumbar puncture after lumbar puncture. Every time my mom had her immune system knocked down, she got right back up and kept fighting. It was a rollercoaster of emotions when you would be told that she’s practically in remission but then find out a few cancerous free-radical cells weren’t killed by chemo had multiplied. It was devastating when we heard that it spread to her brain and spinal cord. A new plan had to be made since it spread. Not only did it spread but we found out she not only was battling one stage 4 cancer but had double-hit cancer which only happens to less than 5% of all cancer patients. Newer treatments were signed off of as a last resort. Throughout the 10-month battle my mom put up, there were many sleepless nights, but there wasn’t a single day that I didn’t see her beautiful face or hear her sweet voice. For someone who was battling harder every single day I will never understand how she was still so kind, compassionate and sweet towards everyone she encountered along the way. She was everyone’s favourite person, plain and simple. She still found the strength to go to her grandson and granddaughter’s soccer games, and swimming lessons all while still treating them out for ice cream afterwards. Along the last month or two she was vibrant and full of life, she always was wanting to do something, and it was beautiful to witness. My mom will live through me for all of my days and will never be forgotten. This is why I am participating in the WPS 5k run on May 5th. I knew from the day I was paralyzed that I will never be able to repay my mom for all that she’s done for me and would do for me from that day on. I owe her my life and will continue to make her proud for the rest of my days. I love you mom.

For more information click here to visit the Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2019 website.

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OrganicTan Winnipeg $252.80So proud of you!
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Andy $25
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Grant Reid $100Proud of you Brother
Shannon Coates $50Good luck tomorrow! Hope to see you at the race!
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