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Joanne Schiewe In Memoriam - Fundraising Home Page

Canadian Cancer Society
Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2019 - WPS Half Marathon
Sunday May 5, 2019

Please help us make this year's Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2019 in support of Canadian Cancer Society one of the best ever

"My legacy will be funding research that allows others to live extraordinary lives"


Joanne Schiewe was a runner, a triathlete and just plain awesome.

She wasn't the world's most gifted athlete, but she loved to push herself, to see what was possible and usually had a huge smile on her face as she did. That smile was infectious.

Joanne was diagnosed with glioblastoma on February 3rd, 2015, an incredibly aggressive form of brain cancer; the same diagnosis Gord Downie would receive almost a year after.  Fewer than 5% of glioblastoma patients survive five years – one of the lowest survival rates for any cancer.  In the year following that diagnosis, Jo’s treatment would include invasive surgeries, a lifetime dose of radiation and countless rounds of chemotherapy.

The physical and emotional strength required to endure these treatments was incredible… but Jo somehow found a way to do more.  She saw that Brain Cancer needed a voice and that the WPS Half-Marathon race was the perfect platform to step up and become a champion this cause needed.

After her surgeries and radiation therapy, and amid her initial chemotherapy cycles, Joanne raced the 2015 WPS Half-Marathon Relay.  In 2016, she returned to race the entire 13.1-mile course on her own.  Each year, she tirelessly campaigned to raise funds for Brain Cancer research and treatment.  She knew that she wouldn’t be around long enough to benefit, but it was what Jo needed to do.

The support from within the community and across the country has been simply outstanding – this reward is what kept Jo pushing to do the next interview or attend a press event, even when she just wanted to rest and recover.

Joanne passed away in the summer of 2016, just over 18 months after her diagnosis.  Since then, her partner, family and friends have participated in the WPS event in her honour and continued raising funds in her name.

Jo's story, in her own words can be viewed here -

To date, almost $150,000 has been raised in Jo’s name.  We’d like to keep that number growing.  Please give what you can.

Thank you.


NOTE - Thank you to Running Room for supporting Jo's fundraising efforts, ensuring every cent raised in her name goes directly to Canadian Cancer Society.  Fundraising agreements within the Federal Government also mean that every one of those dollars will be doubled.


For more information click here to visit the Foodfare - Winnipeg Police Service - 2019 website.

My funds raised so far

Personal Goal: $10,000 Raised: $11,346


View people that have helped by sponsoring you.

The following people donated online:

Name Amount Comment
Jared Spier $2,000You are still the reason I smile
Vicky Jauregui $75For many more breakthroughs!
Denise Dunlop $50
Lori Hall $25
Bryce Saunders $100
Wilfred & Eveline Schiewe $3,000We miss you more than ever. Funding has already been provided with promising results.
Anonymous $50
Bernard & Barb St Amant $100
Ayn and family $300We miss you Jo, and will continue to find ways to support the work you started. It is making a big difference in people’s lives. xoxo
CM & GB $100
The Bidders $40L, R, L, R, repeat
Annika Niblock $25
Jenn Spier $100
Chris Dumontier $50
David G Gerrard $50
Edwina Nash $50
Jenny Chadee $25
Maureen Spier $200Proud of everyone involved in this fundraiser.
Kim Smith $50
David and Trevor Burns $100
Anonymous $200
Alex Herriot $50
Darryl R. Toews $25
Tracey Code $100
Waltra Lewis $25
Linda and Wayne Scarrow $50Keep the memory alive-good work Jared
Sara Robert $25
Meredith Daun $50❤️
Lynda Daun $100every step is progress
Fern $100I think of you often Jo - you continue to be an inspiration!!
Trevor and David Burns $100
Sandra Schettler $100Thank you, Jared.
Maggie & Doug $50Put a little love in your heart...
Melody Balane $50
Murray Vanderpont $50Jo continues to inspire. No retreat, no surrender.
Gerry Borus $50
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $1,000
George Kolomaya $50
Your sister wife $100
David Ranta $200Jo told me no crying. But my eyes get moist from sadness or sheer silliness remembering Jo's courageous spirit.
Karin N-B $25
Ashleigh Jamieson $50I’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know!
Marge Alexander $50Keep it going
Blake Anderson $100
Sandi Goertzen $50
Anonymous $25
Marla Ferraro $50Thinking of you two💞 Hugs
John & Jen $50Love you Jo
Marla $50
Lisa Witt $100For Jo's amazing and inspiring legacy
Cindy Swaine $50
Carly and Mark $241
Gregory Kennedy $25
Joanne Schiewe $50
Winston Yip $50
Stephanie Roberecki $100Never forgotten ❤️
Jenny Hall $50
Anonymous $725
Dave Ogren $50You've got this, Jo.
Shelby and Mark Turman $50
Edwina Keats $25Memory of Joanne
Joanne Schiewe $50Nobody like Jo!
Lyle Rance $50She was inspirational
Anonymous $50
Tracie McDonald $50
Random acts of kindness :) $21

The following people donated offline:

Name Amount Comment
Bernie & John Spillett $100
Jenn's Amazing Co-Workers Casual Day Contributions $69

The donation period has ended for this fundraiser.


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