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National Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation
Servus Edmonton Marathon - Marathon
Sunday August 20, 2017

Please help us make this year's Servus Edmonton Marathon in support of National Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation one of the best ever

Hi all,

In memory of my mom, who was an avid runner, I decided to register for the 2017 Edmonton marathon. Although at the moment it feels like I may have bitten off more than I can chew, I'm excited at the opportunity to raise funds for the National Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation. It's fair to say that most likely each and every person out there knows someone who has been directly or indirectly affected by cancer. In middle school I remember getting an assignment where each student had to pick a piece of paper from a hat. Each piece of paper had a different type of cancer written on it. The purpose of the assignment was for students to research and write a paper about the type of cancer they had selected from the hat. 

At the time I was completely unfamiliar with the disease. Looking back on it, I remember our teacher telling us that throughout our lifetime it was likely that each and every one of us would in some way be affected by cancer. "What are the chances anyone close to me will ever be affected by cancer?" I so naively thought to myself. After losing my mom to brain cancer, and watching my sister-in-law so bravely battle breast cancer over the past decade, I've come to realize that what I thought was worst case scenario is actually a cold reality for millions of people. On that day, which must be over a decade in the past by now, I drew pancreatic cancer from the hat. To be honest I had no idea how serious pancrease was, I didnt think twice about it until I began to do the research. Pancreatic cancer has one of the highest mortality rates of all types of cancer. At the time I was shocked as I didn't fully understand how serious cancer was. It was a jarring wake up call to reality

However, medical professionals work tirelessly to try and find a cure. As someone who has lost the most important person in my life to cancer, Ive decided to set an ambitious goal of raising $1500 for the National Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation. Any donations or words of encouragment would be appreciated. Hopefully someday soon people will no longer need to witness or suffer the pain cancer causes. Now to end things off I suppose all thats left is for me to apologize for my french....




For more information click here to visit the Servus Edmonton Marathon website.

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Personal Goal: $4,000 Raised: $3,100

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