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Canadian Cancer Society
Winnipeg Police Service - 2017 - WPS 5K Run
Sunday May 7, 2017

Please help us make this year's Winnipeg Police Service - 2017 in support of Canadian Cancer Society one of the best ever

Support Canadian Cancer Society!

We have lost far too many people this past year to brain cancer.  I was diagnosed in June, 2013.  I've had an awake craniotomy, radiation and about a year of 4 different kinds of chemotherapy.  I was given 2-6 years to live but I don't believe those numbers!  

Please help me raise money going to research for brain cancer which will be doubled by Brain Canada!  I have 2 small children (one was 5 weeks old when I was diagnosed) and I desperately want to see them graduate, get married and meet my grandkids.  Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated!

Thank you all.

For more information click here to visit the Winnipeg Police Service - 2017 website.

My funds raised so far

Personal Goal: $15,000 Raised: $16,730


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The following people donated online:

Name Amount Comment
Catherine Wong $100You are amazing!! This is for you and donated today on what would have been my dad's 67th birthday. He was taken way too early from a brain tumour. Love to you today and always.
Cantor Rachel and Carey Kalmowitz $180In honor of my brave and beautiful friend, Catherine Wreford.
Diana Fred $50Way to go Catherine!
Anonymous $25
Catherine Wreford Ledlow $20Always have you in my thoughts and prayers Catherine!
Hanan, Micah and Ashton $50
Frank Olivarez $50To my Great Friend-Catherine! You are always in my prayers.
Campbell McIntyre $100Stay strong and positive- you are an inspiration
Nicole Leclerc $25My Mom was diagnosed with Cancer in August 16. Hoping this donation helps!
From Sandra and Robin Cristo $100Thanks for always being there for Karla💕
Helen Hesse $25You are amazing!
Abraham $25You are an inspiration in my life!
Jay T Schramek $50
The Olsen Family $100My personal hero and best friend.
Christine Moore $75Love you Catherine! Wish I could see you more often... you got this lady. So proud of all you do and who you are.
Mackenna! $80Thank you for being such an amazing and inspiring Musical Theatre teacher!
Geoff & Kelli Wreford $100
Maria Stapleton $50Cheering you on... in this run and in this fight. You're amazing!
Anne Ko $100Proud of you, Catherine!
Shelley Shearer-Nelko $200You are an incredible person & an inspiration to all!
Fiona Louise Ross $10<3
Anonymous $25
Doug Little $25Proud to support you!
Anonymous $100
Dave Petrishen $100
Sarah Perrin & Adam Mathieson $100Sending love and cheers from across the ocean! xo
Anonymous $25
Adam Dooley & family $100Happy to donate! Good luck in the race!
Lauren Parsons $30
Catherine Wreford Ledlow $50I love your drive and commitment
Chris and Amber Johnson $100Saw the story in the Metro. Moving. Look forward to supporting you for years to come!
Miss Erin $50You are an inspiration. And WILL defy the odds
Dale Mojica $50Shoot for the moon!
Greg Paseshnik & Family $100I just read the piece in Metro News about you and was so inspiring. You are a hero and I hope to meet you a couple weeks from now running at the WPS marathon.
Rishona Hyman $100To my new dance mom friend! You are an inspiration! Keep fighting!
Anonymous $25
Debroah Metcalfe $100
Anne Colish $150Dr. Pitz was Anne's doctor. She would have been proud to donate her birthday money to such a worthy project.
Christa Walkden $100Have a great run Catherine. It's a great run and obviously a very important cause. Hope you have a great tail wind!
Stacey Nickol $50You are truly an inspiration!
Kelly Malcolmson $50
Ilana Hechter $90Catherine, looking forward to supporting you for years and years to come. You are an inspiration to us all.
Anonymous $25
Kayla Gordon $25You are a wonderful spirit and a real trooper. Love ya.
Tiffany $25
Ruth McKenzie $50
The Yamashita Family $300You are amazing Catherine!
Mariam Bernstein $100Love you, Catherine!!
Alison Hanks $50Love to you and your mom, Catherine!
Teresa and Doug Cameron $50For you, Catherine, and all our loved ones.
Cole & Stephanie Akerstream $100You have always been an inspiration-
Cantor Rachel and Carey Kalmowitz $180I have to give again, while $1=$4! I wish I could use magic to make you healthy, Cath!
Catherine Wreford Ledlow $100
Rachel Gottleib Kalmowitz $25Thank you for your inspiration. Rachel is a high school friend, and your story is truly inspiring.
Anonymous $50
Jessica, Matthew & Jory $25You're an inspiration!! We are proud to support you. Good luck!
Anonymous $25
Doug Darling $50
Geoff & Regan Archambault $100
Rabbi Mark Miller $72Catherine - I'm sorry we haven't met, but Rachel Kalmowitz speaks of you often!
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $50
Michelle Bailes $100
Anonymous $25
Jenn Liba and Madison Lacombe $50Your are a true inspiration and a wonderful mentor to Madison!
Todd Burns $500
Chan Family $50
Wade Muir $50Your heart and spirit has forever inspired me. ✌🏼❤️
The Dornak Family $50We love you, Catherine!
Anonymous $50
Simon Miron and Sheena Stemler $50You are amazing, Catherine! Keep on fighting.
Mom $100Love you treely ruley always and always!
Jennifer Dyck $25Run your heart out! May you have many, many more years with those gorgeous kids of yours. Such an inspiration.
Laura McDonald $50Thinking of you and your beautiful family Catherine - and applauding everything you do and who you are. xo
Mark Olson $50You are an inspiration be it in dance, song or running!
Ashleigh Bazylo $50Sending you and your family love from BC! You continue to inspire me Catherine!
For you Catherine and the inspiration that you provide others faced with this terrible disease $50
Phil, Ali, Emma and Evelyn Herner $100Incredibly proud of you!
Darolyn Pchajek $50You are a true inspiration!!!
Yasmine Ravandi $200Catherine, you are such an inspiration to all us students!
Maureen Spier $50
Catherine Wreford Ledlow $75
Anonymous $25
Kelly Bale $50Wishing you the very best Catherine!
Anonymous $50
Colette Berriault $25You are an amazing soul. ❤️
Anonymous $25
Tim and Julie Jones $100
Kristen Kindrachuk $50
Anonymous $25
Justin Burnett $10
Beth Olson $50God Bless!
Sandra Dannaway $25I admire your bravery and courage.
Janine Brémault Bamford $25
Jessica Boddicker $25
Mary White $100#TeamCatherine
John, Katie, Leighton & Hazel Bracken $200We love you.
Catherine Wreford Ledlow $50Wishing you a great run - at the marathon and in wellness!!
Krista Mancini (Ganchar) $150
Catherine Wreford Ledlow $50
Leah Ledgley-Schramek-Vallee $100
Vanessa, Jon, Charlie, Alex and Eddie $100
Jody Wood $250
Anonymous $25
Rasmus Efraimsson $25Doing something infinitely small is infinitely better than doing nothing at all. Cheers :)
Anonymous $25
Christine Balcaen $25I work with your Mom at CASA :)
Catherine Ledlow $100
Ventura Land Company Inc. $1,000Keep up this amazing effort and hard work! We are so proud of what you have accomplished!
Ventura Custom Homes Ltd. $500Congratulations to fundraisers and donors.
Nancy and Bob Adkins $50Have a great day!
The Kesselman Family $75With admiration and support.
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $25
Alf Chorney $100
John Silver $50
Lindsay Peretz $100
Nicole and Barbara Petrowski $100You are an amazing woman.
Kim and Stephen Robins $50I haven't met you Catherine, but you are so inspiring! Hope to meet you one day! From a fellow River Heights mom.
Catherine wreford ledlow $25Love you Catherine
Marcia Kash $50You rock!
Fred Cross $50
Judy Oatway $50
Clark Brownlee & Joan Stevenson $25
Renée Brisson and family $25
Jim DuVal $50
Karlee Rosenberg $50You truly are an inspiration!
Anonymous $50
Teddi and Victoria Sweatman $200Catherine -Good luck in the race and always !
Barb and Rob Tisdale $25We will see you at the finish line!
Cox family $100For our inspiring neighbour
Catherine Wreford $50
Annette $100
Ryan Shore $100Catherine, you're an incredible inspiration!
Anonymous $25
Rob, Leanne and Juliana West $50You are an inspiration!!!
Ruslan Rusin and Rochelle Kives $50We love you sooooo much Catherine!!!!! xo
David Smith $25Catherine we have not seen each other for a very long time but I have fond memories of when we worked together on stage. I love that Facebook keeps people in contact. I am truly inspired by your strength and wish all the best. I hope you have a great ru
Karen Ausmus $50God Bless you Catherine.
Julie Hutton $50Go Catherine Go! You are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story.
Joe, Tara, Noah & Lileia Silvaggio $100You are such and inspiration to others! Keep fighting, you've got this!
Anonymous $50
Stacey, Graeme, Evan and Alex Hay $50We'll be cheering for you, Catherine!
Ted Strauss $25
Anonymous $25
Bonnie Cheadle $100You are truly an inspiration Catherine.
Alison Fearn $25GO Catherine GO!!
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $15
Roy Hodges $50
Reina Stoller and Family $25You are an inspiration to us all. ❤️
Colleen Geske $100You are an inspiration!
Aimee Goyer & Ian Cameron $25
The Angst Family $300Kick Butt!
Anonymous $50
Diane Morrisseau $100Thanks from all who suffer.
Victoria Ahow $25
Lauren Jenkyns $100
Virginia Fisher $50Good Luck on Sunday and wishing you and your family all the best!
Catherine Ledlow and family $100
Anonymous $50
Amanda Leuschen & Jennifer Lyon $40Go, Catherine, go! You're an inspiration to us all.
Roger Dennis $100Your story has touched a nerve with this family. Thank you.
Ben, Krista, Jacob & Mary-Elle Clark $50You are an inspiration! Have a great run!
Don Raymer $25
Sarah and Jean Carter $500Inspired by your courage ❤️
Connie & Roman Szczerba $50
Allison Koots $50
Mark Curran $25great work Catherine!
Ventura Developments Inc. $500We are so proud of what you have accomplished!
Tim Comack $100High Five! You beat your first & second goal! You did AMAZING!
Elly $50Catherine, you truly are an inspiration!
Rose $25I lost my sister to Brain Cancer. I pray you have many wonderful, healthy years with your beautiful family!
Avery-Ward family $100
Lauren Parsons match $30
Barry Warrack $50You are an inspiration to all of us
Kristin $50
Janice Tober $25You're an inspiration, Catherine!
Anonymous $50
Allan and Carol Ryrie $200We can' think of a better cause and a better person to support.
Bill Pope and Elizabeth Tippett Pope $250With our love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Elizabeth
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $20
Amanda Isaak $25
Anonymous $150
Anonymous $50
Stompin' Tony Hughes $50Look at all the lives you touched... so amazing! Hope the race went well but more importantly, thank you for generating such great support! We're all so proud of you. Lots of love...
Anonymous $50
Catherine Wreford Ledlow $75So amazed by you Catherine! You are one inspiring, strong woman!!
Anonymous $25
Lara's book friends Part 2 $50With love!
Merrily Marchessault $25You are an awesome role model for all women.
Chris, Holly, Oliver and Maisy Clarke $100
Tyler Everley $50Keep fighting! Always thinking about you❤

The following people donated offline:

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous $500
Greg and Linda Fearn $25
Derek Morphy $20
Tawny Brown $50
Sally Osler $50
Doreen Craddock $10
Colleen Watters $25
Randy and Val Jakul $100
Hailey Weiss $100
Janelle and Heidi Forrester $50
Aimee Rice $20
Anonymous $3
Heather Mian $100

The donation period has ended for this fundraiser.


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