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Joanne Schiewe - Fundraising Home Page

Canadian Cancer Society
Winnipeg Police Service - 2016 - WPS Half Marathon
Sunday May 1, 2016

Please help us make this year's Winnipeg Police Service - 2016 in support of Canadian Cancer Society one of the best ever


My name is Joanne.  I am 35 year old marathoner and Ironman triathlete. On February 3rd, 2015, after a couple of days of feeling "off", a brain tumour was found (later diagnosed as glioblastoma - stage 4 brain cancer).  As an athlete, I had done everything right to reduce my risks for cancer, yet I still ended up with this horrible disease.  

At this year's Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon, thanks to the targeting of funds specifically to brain cancer and the partnership between the Canadian Cancer Society and Brain Canada, all donations will have double the impact and double the chance to save my life, as well as many others.  This is a really big deal - it means that any money you choose to donate will be matched DOLLAR for DOLLAR by Brain Canada through the Canada Brain Research Fund.  If you are able to support my fundraising efforts, I'd just like to say thank you.  Your generosity will not go unnoticed.  I'd also like to say thank you all for your support and kind words this past year.  My family, my friends and I appreaciate this more than you know!  My goal in all this is to bring awareness to this leathal disease so that others will not have to run in my shoes.

By May 1, 2016, the day of this year's Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon, I will have undergone two brain surgeries, 30 radiation treatments and over 90 days of chemotherapy.  It's been a hard year but thanks to the support and generosity from this amazing community, I am filled with hope for tomorrow.
And to prove that we can conquer anything that is thrown at us, I will be running the half marathon on May 1 - just a week after finishing another round of chemo (99 days so far)...  See you at the start line! :)

For more information visit the Winnipeg Police Service - 2016 website.

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My funds raised so far

Personal Goal: $10,000 Raised: $12,934


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The following people donated online:

Name Amount Comment
Joanne Schiewe $20 
Tara Leclerc $50You are the most amazing person Joanne! So inspiring. So strong. xoxo
Jimmy Penner $200You are the best, go Jo!
Michael Bennett $100It's a good day to be alive.
Anonymous $25
Kathy Miller $25
Darryl Toews $100
Eveline Schiewe $200
Jennifer Spier $100Woo-Hoo, no weekend schlumping May 1st!
Anonymous $100
Bonnie Northey $50
Alice Labossiere $100
Bernard St Amant $200
Maureen Spier $100So proud of you!!!
Petra Rapmund $50Be YOUR Amazing!
Carly Marquardson $50
Carly Marquardson $50
Tracy Waugh-Smith $25
Chad Trappitt $50So proud of you Joanne! Keeping kicking cancer's a$$!
Mona Lavallee $50Don't know you personally Joanne, but we admire your courage and strength.
Waltra Lewis $100So proud of you! Keep fighting! You're going to beat this!
Susan & Roger Chartier $100We know you are running for Roger too! ❤️
Lynda Daun $100Rooting for you every step of the way
Elizabeth Derraugh $50It's an honour to sponsor you!
Sandi Goertzen $50
Anonymous $50
Esther adamson $25Have a great race! Your positive attitude is inspiring.
Tyla Arnason $50Inspired by your tenacity Joanne, all the way from Calgary xo
Joanne York $50Your strength inspires......ALWAYS cheering you on❤️
Agnieszka Gigiel $500GO JO GO!!!!
Lindsay Robinson $100You continue to be one of the most inspirational people I know, Joanne. Keep it up and all the best in the marathon!
Gerry Borus $50
Jonathon Schmidt $50
Deb Hnatiw $25
Lucille Canart $100one foot in front of the other
Cathy Gooch $50So inspired by your amazing positivity and tenacity, Go Jo Go!
Angela Stevenson $25
Debbie St.Amant $25
Heather McDonell $50
Steve Wetton $100
Anonymous $1,000
Collette St-Amant $50
Fern Berard $100wow Joanne. So proud of you and honoured to count you among my friends. Keep at it!!
Arlene Hamblin $200As Dale would say, AWESOME, Joanne!
Reg Brown $50
Tracie McDonald $100Your vision, passion and determination are inspirational, on all levels!!
Darcie Wadelius $50Run like the wind, Jo!
George St.Amant $100So proud of you
Karen Mott $100
Lori Hall $25
Barbara Toews $100
Laura Toews $50You rise up like a champion, you are an inspiration. Good luck!
Ayn Wilcox $100Whoo hoo! Go Jo Go!!!
Julie Whelen $100Keep kicking ass Jo!!
Margaret Johnston $25
Wilfred Schiewe $300Love you and proud of you!
Lori Nuttall $75Hey bomber fan - good luck in your race and look forward to seeing you at banjo bowl! :)
Caroline Gluck $25
Lucille St Amant $100
Francoise Sabourin $50
Anonymous $25
Wayne & Linda Scarrow $50You are an inspiration to SO many people, Joanne, keep up the great work!! Hope to meet you some day soon 😊
Isabelle Labossiere $100So proud of you!!
Carol Cyr $25Your one strong woman!!
Christine Kaegi $50
Julie Ryall $100Way to keep on running!
Fern McIver $100
John Coble $10It's just a thought better than a like. And I'm rooting for you.
Winston Yip $50Go Jo Go!
Heinz Neumann $100
Sandra Danberg $200Have a great race Jo!
Miranda Ferraro $50You're a warrior, Joanne!
John Zorn Ford $100You Kick A** Joanne!
Eileen Pedersen $100You are an inspiration to us all Joanne. I so admire your drive and determination.
Erick Lee $50
Kerri Chase $25Go Jo Go!!
Megan Schmidt $100
Gary Gobeil $25
Leslie Sarchuk $250
Elaine Ross $25Amazing!
Holly Alston $100You are amazing and so inspiring.
Kristin Thomson $50
Ashley Smith $100So incredibly proud of you Joanne!
Shawna Culleton $25
Mary Ann Hoffman $50All the best!
Cheryl Dueck $50Have a great run, Joanne!
Rhonda Dmytriw $50Inspired. We will be thinking of you on race day.
Albert Toews $50
Carol McEachern $100Way to go Jo!
Jana Zacharias $100
Fern Berard $90Just sold my bib so putting the $$ back into WPS where it gets doubled! :)
Daniela Caligiuri $50Keep fighting girl!
Kim Drul $100
Andrea Dysievick $50Amazing fundraising work Joanne! You rock in so many ways!
Raymond Avanthay $100
Tara Braun $50
Maegan Klassen $50You're such an amazing person. Your posts make me laugh and cry all at once. You're a fighter and WILL beat this!
Anonymous $25
Julie Vogelsang $50Just read your post. Wow.
Lori Roberts $100See you there!!!
Brian Schiewe $250Olive Juice! Your brother is such a Hunk!!!
Peter Shirley $250
Anonymous $50
Heather Peters $50
Kyle Daun $50Kick some ass!
Anonymous $10
Darlene Karlstedt $50So inspiring!!
James Slade $50Marathoner, Ironman, and general inspiration to us all!! Congrats on exceeding your goal!
Lori Dziewit $100You are awesome!! Run like the wind xo
Andrea Loeppky $100You are amazing!
David Ranta $100
Stéphane Régis $50You are the most inspiring person i know.
Glenda Vollrath $25
Martial Hebert $50
Claude Labossiere $50#JoanneIsAwesome!
Danielle Wookey $25
Cindy Swaine $100Be proud of your positive attitude & determination and KICK ASS
Anonymous $25
Julie Serediuk $100
wanda mathers $100your wonder wanda
Bob Bertrand $100such a worthy cause
Margaret Kubas $50Inspirational! (tx for email Wonder)
Melody Balane $50
Anonymous $50
Matthew Solvason $100Jen, you are inspiring and I dedicate this run to you.
Ram Munikar $100
Stephanie Roberecki $100Amazing inspirational and a pinch crazy! Luv ya girl!!
Jenessa Wilcox $60Kick some ass Jo!!
Jenny Hall $100You are my super hero! Kick ass this morning!
Jared Spier $149Because it's a date, not a time
Kris Wood $150Because- you make my heart my smile
Cheryl Nachtigal $100You inspire all those around you!
Larry Klassen $25
Marc Berard $60Go Girl
Carole St Amant $25So proud of you Joanne!
Chantale DeBlois $25Hope the race went well today! Love you Jo, xoxo
Cecile St . Amant $100I hope you had a good race Joanne !
Erica Stechesen $25You are a truly amazing woman, Joanne!! Great race time today!!
Suzanne Andre $25You are amazing !
Lyle Rance $50
Elmer Gomes $100Very well done!

The following people donated offline:

Name Amount Comment
Kim and Lucas Social $935

The donation period has ended for this fundraiser.

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