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Girl Guides of Canada
The Secret 3K - 2020 - Team Captain / Team Member - 3K
vendredi Mars 6, 2020

S'il vous plaît, veuillez nous aider à faire de la campagne annuelle de The Secret 3K - 2020, en appui à Girl Guides of Canada, une des meilleures jamais réalisées.

Hello all! 
I am participating in the Secret 3K with my brownie unit and hopefully other Guiders and Units in our Community.  

The documentary filmmakers from The Secret Marathon have partnered with the Running Room and Girl Guides Canada to host the third annual “The Secret 3K” in select cities across Canada. The date chosen for this event coincides with the week of International Women’s Day. To learn more about the race please visit https://thesecretmarathon.com/3krace 

All of the donations go to further the work of Girl Guides to build safe and inclusive spaces that promote gender equality. Together we can empower women and girls through education and sport.

If you would like to sponsor my team "Community 23 - Everything She Wants to Be!" that would be super cool of you. We are running outside on Wednesday March 4 at 6:30pm.  Wish us well!

Here is a link to their movie.

The Secret Marathon film was inspired by the story of the first marathon ever to be held in Afghanistan and the women and men who courageously participated in this race to promote gender equality and the universal right to be free to run. See the film trailer here: https://youtu.be/sNPxyL49-h0 It was through this Afghanistan experience that an important realization was made: creating safe races can help to create safe places.

Pour obtenir plus de renseignements, veuillez visiter le The Secret 3K - 2020 site web.

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Objectif personnel: 500 $ Collecté: 20 $

Fonds récolté à date for Community 23 - Everything She Wants to Be!

Objectif de collecte de fonds de l’équipe: 500 $ Collecté: 40 $


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