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Andrew Frantz - Page d’accueil pour collecte de fonds

Team Broken Earth
Feel it in Your Bones Run for Team Broken Earth - Ottawa - 5K Run
dimanche Mai 5, 2019

S'il vous plaît, veuillez nous aider à faire de la campagne annuelle de Feel it in Your Bones Run for Team Broken Earth - Ottawa, en appui à Team Broken Earth, une des meilleures jamais réalisées.

Help Sponsor My Bones!

Dear Family and Friends,

I'm excited to be running in the Feel it in Your Bones Run again this year, on Sunday May 5th! Sheri got the idea to start this event after she broke her shoulder and found out that her surgeon was a part of Team Broken Earth, a non-profit group of volunteer Canadian healthcare professionals. Broken Earth has two teams here in Ottawa that travel to Haiti each year to provide free medical assistance for people who could not otherwise afford it -- some wait for months with broken bones and other serious injuries. It is really humbling to know that many of our local doctors, nurses and physiotherapists volunteer on their own vacation time to conduct these missions.

I would like to ask for your support as I help to raise money for Team Broken Earth's next mission to Haiti in October, 2019.

We all feel the pain of injuries sometimes, but as CANADIANS (now, me too!), we are lucky to have access to some of the best healthcare in the world.

Please help me to share this with those less fortunate.



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Mes fonds récoltés à ce jour

Objectif personnel: 250 $ Collecté: 345 $


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Les personnes suivantes on fait un don en ligne:

Nom Montant Commentaires
Madeline Critch 20 $Good luck on the run this year. Hope you get to reach your goal.
Michael Trevisani 25 $ATF 🏃 good luck 🍀👍 buddy
Andrew Frantz 50 $Do your best.
Mike LoPiccolo 25 $Run Forrest....errr, Andrew, Run! Good luck bro!
Anonyme 50 $
Allen Lyons 50 $Go Andrew GO
Debra Sciampacone 30 $Personal goal - attained! Good luck!
Anonyme 25 $
Michelle Kupe 50 $Amazing organization! Hope you have a great run!!
Shane Simpson 20 $Go Andrew Go!

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