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Emily Stewart - Page d’accueil pour collecte de fonds

MADD Canada - Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MADD Canada PIA Law Strides for Change - 2016 - 5K Walk
dimanche Juin 5, 2016

S'il vous plaît, veuillez nous aider à faire de la campagne annuelle de MADD Canada PIA Law Strides for Change - 2016, en appui à MADD Canada - Mothers Against Drunk Driving, une des meilleures jamais réalisées.

Almost 9 years ago I lost my father and was severly injured in an imparied driving car crash. At first I was given the diagnosis of living in special care for the rest of my life. I am happy to say that, after years of rehab, I am now finishing my first year of university. 

MADD Canada has been tremendously helpful in support and every dollar donated is greatly appreciated. 

Pour obtenir plus de renseignements, veuillez visiter le MADD Canada PIA Law Strides for Change - 2016 site web.

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Mes fonds récoltés à ce jour

Objectif personnel: 1 000 $ Collecté: 1 105 $


Voyez les gens qui vous ont aidé en vous commanditant.

Les personnes suivantes on fait un don en ligne:

Nom Montant Commentaires
Graham Stewart 50 $I feel like the run should be all participants chasing down drunk drivers...but I'll still support!
Courtney Stewart 25 $Good job Bubba!
Fraser Stewart 50 $Good job embo!
Christina Longo 25 $Love you!
Luke Coles 100 $Good luck, Em!
Jo-Anne Guindon 100 $We will be thinking of you!
Jane Stewart 50 $With you in spirit!
Julia Williams 100 $We'll be thinking of you Emily. You go girl!
Shannon McGuire 150 $So proud of everything you've accomplished and everything you're doing <3 Love from the McGuires
Stephen Fleming 100 $Go Emily Go!!
Flynn Hobson 25 $
Anonyme 20 $
Kristen Kastelic 50 $Good for you, girlie!!
Alicia Grima 25 $
Carol Kirkpatrick 50 $Great to see so many in support of this charity. So many people do not get it when they get behind the wheel drink.
Judy Sampson-Hobson 25 $You go girl!
Edward Parker 25 $You go girl
Peter Smith 25 $

Les personnes suivantes on fait un don hors réseaux:

Nom Montant Commentaires
Jason Hills 60 $
Carolyn Williams 50 $

The donation period has ended for this fundraiser.

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