Introducing our New Donation & Fundraising Platform!

Raising funds and donating to participants in fundraising events is now as easy as 1-2-3.

Races listed on the Running Room Races site with an associated charity(s) now have a "Donate" tab built right into the Race page for quick and easy access for making a donation, pledging an athlete, and starting a fundraising page.

Continue reading below for all of our new and exciting features!

Races that are associated with registered charities have Donations tabs on the Race page.

1 donation bar 01

1 - Raise Funds

Registered applicants can easily create a fundraising profile.

Select Raise Funds and enter your Donation end Date, Fundraising Goal, Thermometer Display, show donors on your Home page, and a personal greeting.

1 raisefunds


Once you set up a new Fundraising account or Login with your existing profile you are ready to solicit your friends and family members to support you!

2 - Donate!

Friends and Family can easily search for an Athlete to donate to or make a Donation to the Charity on the Donate tab.
Donors have the option of selecting to be public or anonymous.

2 donate


Once payment information is confirmed on our secure site Donatation reciepts are email and avaliable immediately to download.

2 donateb

3 - Fundraisers

Friends and family can easily find participants raising funds on the Fundraisers page.

Your fundraising goals are easily accessable and people can make a donation right from your donation page.

3 fundraisers 4 fundraisiinggoals

New fundraisers dashboard! – you have Full control!

Applicants raising funds have complete control on their fundraising dasboard!

  • View friends and famly that have donated to you.
  • Control how your donations are displayed.
  • Select to activate / inactivate donations for your event registration.
  • How donors are displayed on your page.
  • Update your personal message.
  • Adjust your fundraising goal.
  • Solicit friends and family members to donations.
  • Enter ofline donations for your cause!
giving page img5b 01 giving page img5b 02 giving page img5b 03

NOW – Team Donations!

Now your whole team can raise funds!
Teams Raising funds can be found on the Fundraisers page.

Now Teamdonations1

Donors can make a donation on any of the team members!

Now Teamdonations2

The New fundraising solicit email tool displays detailed information!

  • The Email is fully Responsive on all mobile devices
  • Contains fundraising thermometer for individual and the team
  • Displays total fundraising by charity as well for events that have more than one charity where team members can select their charity.
familyandfriends donations 1

Running Room donations now easier than ever.
For more information contact – [email protected]