Race Submission Form

New Race Directors

Race Directors new to our site can use the Race Submission form to submit their race details for online registration.
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Returning Race Directors

If you are a returning Race Director you can easily duplicate the details from a previous year. All it requires is your quick review and approval to go live. Information on how to duplicate your race can be found here.

Race Director Administration

Submitted your race?

Once your race is submitted, Race Directors will get an automated email notification of the submission. Our race team will set up your race details and notify you when it is live.

Race Director Tools and Features

Race Directors will have access to the Administration area to view applicant data, email participants, view race budgets, export reports and view complete race and applicant data. For a comprehensive list of the Race Director tools and features click here.

Fundraising and Giving

Fundraising for charity

If your race is associated with an official charity we can set your race up for race donations and fundraising. Race directors can submit the charity details with their race submission or forward the charity details to our race admin team.

What you need to start fundraising

For complete details on what we need to set up fundraising for you race click here.

Tax receipts

Charity directors have the option of selecting between temporary or official tax receipts

Charity Reports

Charity Directors are notified when a donation is made to the charity and have full access to detailed reports.
Click here for instructions.

More Details

For complete details on the fund-raising dashboard features view our Fundraise help menu.

Direct Deposits for your race!

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTs) are safe, secure, and a fast way for races and charities to receive their funds. Running Room payment for races and charities are done by EFT transfers.
Click Here for our EFT submssion form and details.

Event Applicants

Applicants can login and sign up to register for an event. The Facebook sign up option allows applicants another option to create an account. Profiles allow registrants to edit their race application from Athlete Dashboard.
Click Here for complete details

Self Transfer Options:

Races submitted with the transfer options allow applicants to perform transfers themselves
Participant to Participant and Self Transfers optionals allows applicants a time period to tranfer their registration to another person or themselves to another event in the same race.

Registration Protection with FanShield

Fan Shield Logo
Running Room has partnered with Fanshield to offer insurance for non attendance.
Click here for FanShield details.

Need assistance?

The Help Centre is designed to provide a complete self-service support option for our participants. You can access our Help Centre directly from any registration page.

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