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John's Running Tips


The New Year is here and you have made the resolution to be more consistent in your running. You know running can have an enormous impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. One way to make your running more enjoyable and consistent is to find a group to run with. A group must be at least three people—that way if someone can't make it, there is always a couple of people ready and waiting to run. Call it positive peer pressure.

While we all enjoy the solitude and calmness that comes from a run, we still need the encouragement and camaraderie of other runners. Every Wednesday evening and Sunday morning wherever there is a Running Room there is a group ready to foster and encourage runners of all abilities to join a group for a run. If you are just getting started with your running program, join the "learn to run" group, or if you looking to test your current training, join in with one of the speedster groups. To run faster you need to run faster—who would have guessed? One of the best ways to do so is in a group environment.

Staying consistent in your running is also one of the foundations of self-improvement. So, for the beginner runner, getting out with other runners of the same ability soon gets you fit, creates the positive peer pressure to show up each week, and leads to improved performance, all while expanding your circle of friends. And your friends are an eclectic group from all walks of life—you could be a university student and a university professor running together. The only way you are judged is by the distance you're training for. You decide if you are with the beginner group, 5K group, 10K, half or full marathon group.

The consistency and structure of the group run allows the runner to experience the child-like approach to a workout. A child never thinks of their activity as a workout—they think of it as play.

Our training programs do their practice runs on Wednesdays and Sundays all across Canada. So if you are looking to run with a group and looking to make some new friends drop in for a run—they are free and friendly to all comers. Your only commitment is to show up each week, and to bring along a joke or juicy story to share on the run. You will be amazed how committed you will be once you start to have fun running with the group. Drop in any Wednesday evening or Sunday morning and introduce yourself to the store manager and they will introduce you to your group

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