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Race Day Results

How often should I race and what is the best method of pacing during the race?

For the most part, the longer the race, the greater the stress endured by the runners. For the trained runner, the rule of one day recovery for every kilometre raced is an intelligent guide. A 5K requires one week's recovery; 10K racers can expect to run one every other weekend; half marathons one every two or three weeks; and full marathon racers one every month or two. Your recovery time will be dependent on the intensity at which you race. The faster you race, the more recovery you will require.

The deep residual fatigue from racing will leave you heavy-legged and running flat if you attempt to race again after a hard effort. The less training prior to the event, the more recovery time required by the athlete. Trust and respect your training and respect the distance you are racing. Adopt your training with a longer recovery time for the longer the distance.

    There are three strategies for race day:
  • Start hard and fast and fade in the later stages of the race.
  • Start slow and run a faster second half of the race.
  • Run the whole race at a steady consistent pace.

My recommendation is to run the whole race at an even pace. This approach will, in theory, produce the best times for the runner. Start too fast, and you will discover an early and deep fatigue created from early oxygen debt. Running the final stages of the race is a challenge because of the deep fatigue. For the best recovery, start slow and build into the race. Your optimum time may not be achieved, but your post-race recovery will be improved. It makes for the most comfortable race. Even pacing will give you the best race results, which is the reason the Running Room produces the race bracelets with even splits and includes your walk breaks. You can pick these up at the race expo at the Running Room booth, or go to

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