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There is a new section in event form called "Selectable Group and Team Setup Options". In this section are a Group Setup and Team Setup. You can make each active separately. On registration pages, the Group and Team fields show up and behave as they did in the army race. We have the full team management facility in place for Team Captains. Team captains can see their team and manage that team all from Athlete Dashboard.

The 2 main areas that we have added to the admin Entry Form are a Group and a Team section.

The following displaying during registration:

Group Section
* Selection dropdown to select Group Leader, Group Member
* If Group Leader selected -> Input box to enter Group Name
* If Group Member selected -> Selection dropdown of all Group Names

For this section in admin, the customizable component would be the text that is displayed to describe Group Leaders and Group Members which currently is:

"Group leaders; for recognition of your group - not for scoring or awards." and "Group members: (For recognition of your group - not for scoring or awards.)"

Team Section
* Selection dropdown to select Team Captain, Team Member
* if Team Captain selected -> Input box to enter Team Name, Selection dropdown to select Team Categories created in the admin form.
* if Team Member selected -> Selection dropdown to select team, input box to enter team password

For this section in admin, the customizable component would be the Team Categories which we'll also allow to be used or not. Team passwords are created automatically during Team Captain registration.

Team / Group registration

Teams and Groups function very much the same, allowing members signing up to select a group or team to participate with. The variables that differ are this.


Teams have a designation called 'Captain' and if you sign up to be a Captain you pay an additional $20 fee (varies by race or no fee difference). You are asked to enter the Team name, and select the Team Category that you want your team to apply under.
Team captain receives confirmation that his team is registered and that Team Name now appears on the team drop down list. As team captain my confirmation e-mail allows me to invite members to sign up using a password:

To invite team members please send them the a link and password.

In order for them to become a member of your team they will need to supply your team password.

Each member signing up for the team pays the regular registration fee.

· Team Captain – Responsible for creating and managing teams.
· Register Team Name – Team Captain must register team name online before registering team members. All team members must be registered individuals and pay the individual registration fee.
· Team Size – Example - Maximum of 5 runners per team. You must have 3 members to qualify as a team and score. These numbers are adjustable by event.

Groups have a designation called 'Group Leader' and if you sign up to be a Group Leader there is no additional fee. You are asked to enter in the Group name which will appear on a drop down list for any other person signing up to register with.

Creating a Race?

Before creating a race, you must first login if you have a profile or set up a profile.

One you are logged in you will then be redirected to the Race Form afterwards.