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Vancouver Marathon

BMO Vancouver International Marathon
May 3, 2009 - Vancouver, BC

Eighteen Weeks to Go
Training Program: For the first timers aiming to finish
Marathon - 4:30 Hrs
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  Marathon - 4:00 Hrs
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  Half Marathon - 2:00 Hrs
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John Stanton
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Week 1
Marathon Training

Training for a marathon you discover how to go the distance through a balance of stress and rest. Running bestows a special satisfaction and sense of achievement. Discover how simple and small changes can ultimately have a huge impact on your health, fitness and quality of life. As you progress though the training, you become fitter, have more energy and feel more balanced. Running is both social and personal, providing you clarity of thinking and calmness. Training is not a test but rather a magical journey that will empower you mentally, physically and provide a, I can do it, attitude.

The distance and intensity of each days run or walk are defined in the charts. In addition to the two marathon schedules, I have also included a Half Marathon program. The Half marathon is a challenging, yet enjoyable distance. The training is somewhat less than a full marathon but still requires time and commitment ? but the celebration of the finish line is well worth the effort. The training is great for burning fat awakening you mentally and physically.

The training schedules I have outlined for the marathon and half marathon will prepare you for the BMO Vancouver International Marathon. Choose the schedule that best reflects your targeted finish time and distance. The marathon and half marathon are serious distances, you must take your training seriously ? so stick to the programs. More is not necessarily better.

Over the next 18 weeks I will provide you plenty of practical advice in the areas of running form, motivation, nutrition, avoiding aches and pains and lots more. I will supply the plan, the motivation and inspiration it?s up to you to supply the perspiration.

My program is gentle enough to keep you highly motivated and injury free, but progressive in design to provide continual improvement in strength and speed. You can do it!
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