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Running Tips


Fartlek (Speed Play) A continuous session (85% VO2max) including changes of pace for various distances of the athlete's choosing. Short bursts at 70 – 80% effort, plus recovery periods to bring the heart rate down to 120 bpm.

    Types of Running
    There are various kinds of running that can be used for different purposes:
  • Long Runs - Long slow distance is the foundation of your training. Consistency and the progressive nature of the long slow run provide a gentle build-up of stamina and endurance. Steady runs below targeted race pace used to develop and build strength
  • Tempo Runs - High-quality run sessions improve your speed and pace judgment. Simulates race conditions in a condense version
  • Hills Repeats - Repeated sessions, run hard up and easy down a hill improve form, cardiovascular and muscular skeleton strength.
  • Running Room Foot Exam - Whether you have a rigid or flexible foot, a low or high arch, or are flat-footed makes a difference as to what will best suit you.
  • Fartlek - Change of pace runs of various distances of runners choosing to build determination, strength and speed. Teach the athlete to shift gears between training speed and race speed.
  • Speed Session - Run sessions run at 1 minute to a 1 ½ faster than race day pace, provide a sense of running in a discomfort zone while maintaining form.

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