How does "My Race History" work?

Running Room has a database of thousands of events and hundreds of thousands of results. We are slowly converting over all old results to our new "results data base". If you participated in an event which we have uploaded to our data base then your own personal and private 'Athlete Dashboard' will be automatically populated with the history of the event participated in and those results. Our tools search the race results data base and attempts to associate your member profile to the names on the race results. Sometimes this search may come up with a result in error so we have incorporated a 'Not Me' feature that you click on to take the event off of your profile.

race history scrnshot 01

Just click and get rid of any results not belonging to you!

Your new results features allows you to view simply your personal results and or link directly to the entire results lisitng for the event. This remarkable tool keeps all your race results in one place for quick and easy reference.

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Just click and get all the details of this race!

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Results tracking and Race History profile is a unique feature of the Running Room on-line club. You can only gain access to this by registering with the Athlete Dashboard. Membership is FREE!

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