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Smoking & Running


I would love to be able to join your club sometime in the near future. I've always had a strong desire to run and when I've run in the past I have always gotten a rush from doing so. It's a great stress reliever. The unfortunate thing and the source of many of my problems is that I have to quit smoking before I can start running again. Any suggestions? I know that question may sound corny in this day and age of pills, patches, hypnotism,etc. but I just thought you guys, since you have a well organized club may have a few secrets that everyone can benefit from. For sure you guys have dealt with this before.


This may sound silly coming from the Running Room guy, but for the time being do not try to stop smoking "cold turkey". You are much better off substituting a positive addiction for a negative one. Try a combination of 20 minutes of walk/run combinations incorporating running for 1 minute/ walking for 1 min. Start with every second day. Each week add 1 minute of running to each running set. As an example in week 2 you will run for 2 minutes and walk for 1 minute. As you progress each week and see the benefits of the exercise you will find the self-motivation to cut back or quit smoking totally. This personal commitment and decision is a much more powerful change of focus and self-improvement than a "patch". Seeing our improvement in appearance and self-esteem drives home the lifestyle change. Running has a number of marvelous benefits to one's personal life. ItÕs a great stress buster, calorie burner, and in addition running with a buddy, can be very social. Keep your running and changes fun and positive. Depravation usually only sets up the urge and desire for the very thing we are trying to do with out. A positive change initiates the lifestyle adjustment long term. You can do this. Try the running and enjoy the improvements to the quality of your life. Above all have fun! Think of your new addition as play.

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