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John's Running Tips

Treadmill Principles


I was wondering if someone knew (I don't know where else to ask!) how much work the forward motion of a treadmill does for you? How does this affect running outdoors? If you have any answers, I'd appreciate it or if you know someone I could ask, please let me know


Treadmill running is slightly easier than outdoor running due to the lack of wind resistance. This enables you to be more efficient in your running on the treadmill. To accommodate for the lack of resistance, increase the treadmill grade to about 2% for all of your workouts.

Running on a treadmill is a great way to work on even pacing and to vary the intensity of your workouts. The intensity can be varied using a higher speed or a higher degree of incline for 3-5 minutes followed by 3-5 minutes of rest.

Long runs can be a social event with a non-running buddy, or your latest TV show can take on a whole new perspective from the treadmill.

Safety improves due to the controlled environment.

Like your outdoor work outs be sure to vary the intensity and duration of the workouts.

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