The Running Room Fundraising program allows for absolutely live reporting on all fundraising activities.

Fundraising Management

The Race Director / Charity can track all fundraising through our easy to use tools. We provide the following online tools for fundraising management

  • Secure password access to fundraising data

    The Race Director / Charity can be provided secure access to all critical fundraising reports. This is set up upon request and passwords will be issued to each user required to be a part of this program.
  • Fundraising real-time data management

    Our live reports features allow the Donor Pledges to be viewed live as they come in. The Donor Pledge reports are available only via secure access to our site and include live data including donor name and information, amount pledged and whom they pledged. This report is sort able by Donor and or Applicant
  • Fundraising summary reports - revenue totals

    The report features include 'Quick Summary' views of total funds raised by pledge and donation - see example below.
  • Online and Offline fundraising summary / details reports

    We have a fabulous reporting program which allows the fundraising report to view on-line and as offline reports. A monthly Event Donation Summary is automatically e-mailed to the Race Director/Charity. This reports lists all pledges in detailed lists so that the pledges can be properly reconciled. Our accounting department also sends the detailed reconciliation summary along with the monthly payment for funds raised. See attached report - this reports is e-mailed to the charity in three formats p html, PDF and as an excel spread sheet. This data can be easily imported into the events accounting packages if needed.
  • Fundraising Budget Reports and reconciliation

    A critical part of our program is the on-line race / fundraising budget tools. The program automatically imports all revenue data into our quick and easy budget review. Race directors can always see race revenues including event registrations, add on purchases, applicant donations and on-line pledging. This budget also provides the Race Directors the tools to input all expenses in order to manage the entire event budget.
  • 24/7 access to all fundraising data and secure support features

    Our state of the art data center located at Q9 Networks is equipped with fault-tolerant servers and offers uninterrupted power supply and regulated environmental controls, as well as direct connection to major North American Internet providers that allow for high-bandwidth connectivity on a redundant network. Running Room IT services and support group is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We provide ongoing server management and maintenance, ensuring that data is securely stores and managed.