We are excited to announce our new Volunteer Registration Program as an addition to our site data management tools.

RunningRoom.com offers race directors the perfect solution to finding and organization volunteers. Our one stop volunteer program software allows you to recruit volunteers, assign them positions and provide notification of their volunteer role.

    Volunteers can register Free on-line to offer their services. We make the registration procedure easy and clear
  • They have the ability to select from number of volunteer jobs available as posted by the race director
  • They can provide personal job preferences in the order of first, second and third choice
  • They sign the waiver for volunteer involvement in the event
    They can view the volunteer confirmation list on-line as well they receive an e-mail confirmation of the following.
  • This tells them that they have been accepted as a volunteer
  • Lets them know which position they will work,
  • What time they report and
  • To whom they report to
    The Race Director has the ability to:
  • set the positions available
  • determine the maximum number of volunteers required
  • send greetings and instructions to all volunteers
  • print out lists of volunteers by area of responsibility
  • assign t-shirts to volunteers
  • track t-shirts needed for them by size preference
  • make changes to volunteer data if required

Volunteers can sign up in the same manner as event applicants.
They can choose the jobs they want in order of preference.
They can confirm their registration on-line once the RD has assigned them a position. It provides details such as position assigned, time and contact information