How do I know if I am signed up?

If you are unsure, call the Rewards coordinator at 1-800-419-2906 ext. 9500 or email [email protected] to do an inquiry.

How do I redeem a Rewards Virtual Gift Card?

Redeem a Rewards Virtual Gift Card the same way you redeem a Running Room Virtual Gift Card. Online: Use our Gift Card payment process once you arrive at the Payment Information page. Select "New Gift Card" and enter the gift card number and CVC number. In-Store: Present the Rewards Virtual Gift Card on a mobile device or as a printed copy.

What if I move or change my email address?

You are responsible for informing the Running Room of any address and/or email address changes. You can provide the address and/or email address change at any of our stores or call the Rewards Coordinator at 1-800-419-2906 ext. 9500 or email [email protected] with the information. Or you can update your information online. Customers can also call or email the Rewards coordinator to have missed sales due to an address change credited to their account. Proof of purchase will be required.

What can be purchased with a Rewards Virtual Gift Card?

Any merchandise, regular and sale priced, may be purchased with a Rewards Virtual Gift Card. Excluding clinics, races and gift cards.

What purchases are eligible for points?

Only merchandise purchases are eligible for points. Clinics, races, and gift cards do not qualify.

Can I exchange my Virtual Gift Card for cash, a credit note, or a credit to my credit card?

Rewards Virtual Gift Cards have no cash value. They may not be exchanged for cash or any types of credits.

What if a sale has been missed?

For purchases that have not been applied to your account, you can call the Rewards coordinator at 1-800-419-2906 ext 500 or email [email protected]. Record of the purchase will be required, such as a receipt. The Rewards coordinator can then review the sale and award points to the account.

Can I redeem my Virtual Gift Card on a purchase less than $10?

Rewards Virtual Gift Cards have no cash value. If a customer chooses to purchase less than the value of the certificate, then the remainder is forfeited.

What if I lose my $10 Rewards Virtual Gift Card?

If you have lost your Rewards Virtual Gift Card, you can call the Rewards Coordinator at 1-800-419-2906 ext 9500 or email [email protected] to check if your Virtual Gift Card is valid. If it is still valid, the rewards operator can provide the store with your certificate number.

What if I shop in a Running Room in another city? Do I still receive points?

The Rewards program is honoured in every Running Room location and online. Customers can collect points from any location. If you are a Rewards member, your phone number allows you to accumulate points no matter which Running Room location you shop at.

How should a family handle the Rewards Program?

If all members of your family have their sales put under one account, then they will accumulate points at a rapid rate. E.g., a family of 4 will accumulate points 4 times faster than if each family member had their own account. All our sales staff require when you make a purchase is your phone number.

What if I have the same phone number as my roommate?

Points are accumulated under your phone number. If more than one person is at the same phone number, all the points can be combined under one person's name, which results in a much quicker point accumulation. Two people at the same residence can also accumulate points separately if they wish.

What if I don't have an email address?

An email address is now required to receive Running Room Rewards. Create an account with one of the many free email service providers such as Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail.

I have an old physical Rewards certificate, can I still redeem it?

Yes, physical rewards certificates will continue to be accepted. Redeem in-store the same way you redeem a Running Room Gift Card. For online orders, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-419-2906 ext. 9226 or email [email protected].