A good pair of shoes worth their weight in gold
Carol Mulligan
The Sudbury Star

I wish I could tell you I awake every morning feeling energized and ready to tackle the day; with a renewed sense of purpose for the goals I have set; focusing on diabetics like me whose lives will be improved by the money Team Diabetes raises for research.

A good pair of shoes are an absolute necessity if you're going to walk any distance... I swear some days I feel as if my feet could fly.

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May, 2006

Walk at work without leaving your desk
Sarah O'Donnell
Edmonton Journal

In a world of shrinking free time and expanding waistlines, it seems more and more Edmontonians are squeezing a walk into their workday now that spring is here. The Running Room at South Edmonton Common had 35 walkers sign up for classes, far more than the 20 runners enrolled for the August marathon. The problem in Edmonton is that many are fair-weather walkers who tend to hang up their runners at the first sign of cold. But one researcher is pioneering a way to get people walking at work all year - regardless of the weather.

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May, 2006

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