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The Running Room believes not only in a healthy life style but also in effective communication. As a national leader in event management, servicing and marketing, we provide our expertise to assist organizations to plan and deliver the best event for them.

Continue reading and you will discover the benefits of online registration.

Manual Entry Process:

* This process can be done individually or by uploading a spreadsheet.
* The race director can customize the data they wish to capture making the data base easier to manage.
* The race director can manually input into the database this will allow the race director to have only one database to manage.
* The moment that an entry is keyed into the database the system instantly displays the participant on the confirmation list. The confirmation page can easily be linked to the event website and make the process seamless.

Running Room Event Registration Program
Payment Methods
Printable Receipts and Immediate E-mail Confirmation
Credit Card transaction costs
Data Entry
Data Access
Data Editing
Registration Forms
Availability of On-line Company to work with Timing Company
Communication Tools - E-mail access to all registrants
Manual Entry Process
Demographic Reporting



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