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Ordering Race Bibs Online
Running Room supplies events with quality custom Tyvec Race Numbers. Tyvek is a specialized, tough, tear resistant, and waterproof material. This is the most durable product available for race numbers. When printed, a specialized ink called "tough text" is used. This "tough text" dries quickly and will not bleed colors.
With our new system for ordering bibs online you will have a lot more options. You can even print each individuals event on the custom tear off. Not only will you be able to order your customized bib, you can even order any necessary pins from our online shop.
Bib Options:

There are two different styles available for your events race bibs;
•Standard Running Room Race Bib
•Custom Race Bib

Standard Bibs have two available options;
•Standard Bib without a color flood background
•Standard Bib with the color flood. You have the option of blue, red, and green.

Custom Bib can have even more modifications to suite your race;
•You have the option of a bottom tear off piece for manual timing. This is also a great place to put a custom tear off for food or even a bag tag.
•You may have a flood coat on your bib, this is a full covering of ink applied to completely cover the bib edge to edge. (only appies to custom bibs)
•Your Custom bib can be printed in black and white, one color, two colors, three colors, or even four colors.
•Your Standard bib can be printed in Green, Red, Blue, or Yellow.
•Each bib can have sponsor logos, event name, age category, and corresponding images.
•You can even print information on the back of your bib. For example, race information, medical information, maybe even a coupon.


After you order online:
There is a "add comments about your order" field on our online shop to add information to your order. However, once you have completed ordering your bibs online be sure to send any information or files needed to complete a custom order. For example, the name of your event or even the logo. You can choose the artwork for your bib, or we can create it, giving it an individual look from all other races. This is a great souvenir for all racers!

Order Outline:
For online Bib ordering we will require the following information:
Event Name
Bib number range
Delivery location
E-mail address for contact
Daytime phone number
Evening phone number
Sequence required
Total required

Content for the print on the back

Please be specific on the delivery location and allow 5 weeks.

Layout Parameters:
Top Header: There is 1 3/8" high x 7 1/2" wide band above the number.

Bottom Sponsors: 2 3/8" high x 7 1/2" wide below the number.
The space below the number however includes room for a tear off tag if required.


Digital File Transfers:
All artwork for the production of race numbers are sent to the Running Room -
Title the file folder with the name of the project and date of the event (month/day/Year : i.e. Marks Road Race 11.11.05)

Send the file in a Self Extracting archive in the 3 following file formats; JPEG, TIFF, and Mac EPS
The Running Room accepts the three following file formats; Freehand EPS, Export as an Adobe Illustrator 7.0 AI file, Photoshop JPEG image.


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