This mobile application is configured to work on all mobile devices - iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. It automatically detects the type of mobile device you are using, tablet, mobile, desktop and configures the screen size to match.


The Running Room App now features as our new Mobile Rapid-Registration process.

Rather than ask applicants to do their ENTIRE registration with their mobile device, we will only ask the applicant to "commit" to registrating.

Visit to experience the revolution on mobile event registartion.

The goal for this process is to make the mobile registartion process fast abd as painless as possible. Mobile users do not want to be filling in dozens of fields on a tiny device. We get your core details and you get your spot reserved. We will send you a reminder to return to the registartion form to provide all the rest of your details when you have access to your desktop browser. An analogy would be booking a flight - you pay and book but you do your "Web Check in" later where you can select your seat and confirm your personal details.

This is all about Convenience.