It's all about tapping into the right audience who are receptive to your products and services. Running Room delivers that audience. Running Room sites attract people interested in sport and well-being. They come to our site for information, advice, discussion, purchasing, training program instruction and event information. Multiple banner ad placements and hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors allow advertisers to generate a high volume of impressions targeted to this active customer base.

In addition, Running Room has fostered a valuable database of over 300,000 email subscribers who have opted in to receiving information about health and fitness related products, services and events.

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Advertising Questions / Requests:
Please contact our advertising representatives by simply e-mailing your questions to...

Web Banner Ads

  • Absolute Unique Visitor: 407,000 plus unique visitors per month
  • Number of Visit: 375,000 plus visits per month
  • Page Views: 1.1 Million per month
  • Ad Impressions (Google Analytics): 5.2 Million

Web Advertising Tools

Views (impressions): Each time someone logs onto a page where your ad is populated. You purchase these by the thousand (CPM).

    Delivery Options
  • Smoothly deliver campaigns across a given timeline, or frontload impressions
  • Rotate different ad creative within a campaign
  • Static or animated ads are supported
  • Geo-targeting
  • Delivery capping (Maximum number of impressions served to a user for a given period)

Linking: One Click through URL per banner ad

Statistics and Reporting: Impression and click through data can be reported during and after campaign

Web Banner Placement

  • Leaderboard: Appear on top of all internal Running Room URL's
  • Big Box: Appear on the right hand side of all event and training program registartion pages

Web Rates

* CPM (cost per thousand add views)
# of AD views Leaderboard
(728 x 90)
Big Box
(300 x 250)
Up to 200,000 $15.00 $30.00
Up to 400,000 $10.00 $20.00

Example: Leaderboard Banner (728 x 90)
Request of 80,000 Ad Views @$20.00 per thousand views
80 x $20.00 = $1,600

Web Banner Requirements

    Basic Ad
  • All banners with a white background must have a border of at least 1 pixel.
  • Banners can loop a maximum of 3 times.
  • Companies supplying their own ad banners need to submit creative 48 hours (2 business days) before placement.
  • Creative must not auto download additional media, spawn additional ads or ask the user to download plug-ins.
  • Click-thru URL needs to be provided and may not exceed 512 characters.
  • Click-thrus for third-party served ads must be collected by third-party ad server. We will provide reporting on impressions delivered data at end of campaign.
  • The Running Room reserves the right to approve or decline a basic media ad campaign if delivery of site content or user experience is compromised.

Technical Guidelines

Ad Type Dimension (Pixels) File Size Media Type
Big Box 300 x 250 2 MB or less gif, animated gif, jpg, png
Leaderboard 728 x 90 2 MB or less gif, animated gif, jpg, png

Constant Contact Email Blast

Opt-in database of over 275,000 members (127,000 English , 13,000 French, 6,000 USA)

Download Constant Contact Email Blast Information


  • Full Body Constant Contact e-Blast - $10,000
  • Constant Contact e-Blast Banner - $3,500

Constant Contact Requirements

*Note: A JPEG file must be supplied in order to upload as well as original file
Dimension (Pixels) File Size Media Type
Constant Contact 1000 x any height 2 MB or less gif, animated gif, jpg, png
Constant Contact Banner Min: 1000 x 140
Max: 1000 x 240
2 MB or less gif, animated gif, jpg, png